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I have just had the tremendous pleasure and actually the very fortunate opportunity to just finish reading the letters your father wrote home. I served in Viet Nam and now work in the field of Clinical Psychology with a specialty in Adolescents, Chemical Dependency and Family Systems. In the service, I recall many a fine officer and many true-life lessons learned as a result of their wisdom, wit, sense of duty, and concern for the well-being and security of their charges. Many of those lessons I have treid to pass on to my patients and their family members. One more time I have been allowed the opportunity to learn much from an Officer, a Gentleman, a father, and a leader . . . thank you so much for sharing these writings with us, the next generations.

- Tim H.

I came to your site to read your article about your Colorado vacation. Very amusing! If you walked upcanyon along the creek from the Silver Saddle Motel, the "__" house is mine. I admit to being a White Casual Intellectual Yuppie, although I don't have a sport-utility vehicle and bike to work daily. It's always fun to read about a place I know (or in this case, I place I live) from someone else's perspective. Cheers,

- Ilana S.


Forty-five years ago when it was lots easier to do, I had myself deputised in Ohio. I have legally carried a concealed weapon ever since. Maybe four or five times in forty-five years have I had the occasion to let it be known that I was armed. I never had to draw or fire. I guess the jerks saw something in my attitude that told them I would fight, not flee. I am now seventy years old. Keep up the good work.

- P.B.

This is very neat and I'm glad I found this site. I will come again.

- Deb S.

Your web page is great! Very well written and extremely good graphics . . . I love the photo of you at target practice. It looks like the caption should be "Motherhood ain't for wimps."

- Ellis G.

I was impressed by the honesty of it. Design and content are beautiful. It's powerful stuff. The images are a little large - - slowing downloading a wee bit (even with a 33.600 connection). All in all I think it is great, but you are going to have to fend off a lot of kooks once the site gets known.

- Eric K.

WOW! Your site is AWESOME! Very informative, straightforward and honest . . . quite refreshing in today's 'net oriented world. The pictures are spectacular as are the java scripts! Keep up the good work!

- Andy L.

I have read When Victory Is Ours from beginning to end, am recommending it to others and wish that every citizen of this country could/would read the letters. Your dad's eloquence and understanding of their situation is astonishing. I had two older brothers that wrote home a great deal from both the European and Pacific theatres. Like your dad, their letter's contents are amazing. It's a pity that most children coming along now will know little of what those who came before them did for us.

-Roger B.

Just to let you know that I downloaded and printed "The Realm of the Dangerous Housewife" for my accountant. She has been thinking about defensive handgun but not sure whether she can handle it or not.

- Jung P.

I like what I have seen of your web page. I'm still working my way through all the links. The story My World Now really hit home. My wife's grandmother is in a home and they are really depressing places to visit. I pray that I will never end up in one.

- TJ K.

Really neat way to present that argument for CCW (carrying a concealed weapon)!! Happy shooting!!

- Peter G.

Very nice indeed (but maybe I'm over-reacting to the tribute to bald men). I like your attitude and your style. Keep growing your site.

- Eric R.

Great site! Very personal stories, terrific graphics, interesting! One of the best personal Home pages I've seen. Keep adding to it. Especially enjoyed your father's victory letters. I'll have to return several times to finish them. A real tribute to the brave men who served our country in the Pacific.

- Jeff B.

I *loved* the discussion of coming to realize the reality of the net. . . . I see so much nonsense spewed about it (harassment, nothing but porn, etc.) that scares women off from it, when it's a fabulously empowering experience for all women. It was *great* to read one person's experience in coming to like the net in the face of all the negative hype.

-Janis C.

Consider this an eloquent fan letter. I'm not very eloquent. I like your page & links - - no gratuitous male bashing and good solid philosophy. Ladies like you might just bring about REAL women power.

-Bill B.

I was deeply touched by your page on Letters Home from the South Pacific. I am glad you did publish this for America needs this. My father died in a Nazi Prison Camp in 1945. I understand.

- Harold C.

I have just finished reading your father's letters and WOW they are great thanx for taking the time to put them on the internet!! I have a small correction for you... in your editor notes you ps about the DUKW and the Buffaloes... the buffaloes he is referring to is not the aircraft type F2A... it is in fact a cross between a DUKW, LARC and an LST... it had a turret on top of the boat... I have a photo taken of one recently that I will scan and send to you!! But apart from that well done!!!

- Chris J.

Like yourself, I have sometimes felt like I was born in the "wrong" time as I have always liked writing letters. However, now perhaps it appears that I was born in exactly the "right" time, now that people are starting to discover email.

- Curt J.

Great site. I brought my wife to the computer to check it out too. She's not a firearms enthusiast, and I'll probably *never* convince her to CCW, but your Guns & CPR page did more in a few seconds than I've been able to pull off in two and a half years.

p.s. Do you really think Dangerous is appropriate? I think I'd reconsider that title. Now my sister-in-law . . . (let her drive you around for awhile, you'll learn *all about* dangerous ;) )

- Chuck

Excellent work! A must read for anyone interested in WW2. An inspiration for other vets to publish their wartime letters or write their wartime experiences.

- Ed G.

The American War Library

I really enjoyed visiting your site. I heard about it on rec.guns. Good for you! The country needs lots more people like you. Keep up the good you're doing. It does make a difference.

-Brian M.

Re: doggie face lift . . . I am not a vetrinarian (I just work with them) but it was news to me that dogs could suffer the complaint you described and that the cure would be so unusual. We are always looking for topics to cover in our weekly pet columns so perhaps we will interview one of our dentistry experts about this!

-Christine B.

U. of Illinois

College of Veterminary Medicine

Keep up the good work. There is nothing that scares the hell out of a liberal more than an intelligent, refuse to be a victim woman. My father was a murder vicitm in Tennessee and as far as I am aware, his murderer still walks the streets.

- S. S.

re: My Dog is Getting a Facelift: It's sick, nothing more, nothing less, just plain sick. Have a nice day!


I just read your "Guns and CPR" article. I don't think I have ever seen it said more clearly or with a more appropriate analogy.

- Robert L.

Wow I thought that all of your stories and documentaries were amazing!! They really taught me a lot about World War II. Tomorrow I am having my U.S. History finals. This really helped me to review over what we have learned throughout this entire year. Thank you! :)

- Faithful Viewer

I loved the story about (the dog's) face lift. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Thank you.

- Jan S.

It's refreshing to read about shooting and guns without the machismo b.s. that many commando-wannabes are spouting nowadays.


Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love bald men too, and it's so wonderful to find a web-site and song dedicated to them! I'm thinking of taking out a personal ad in the paper asking all bald men who are thinking about Rogaine or weaves of any type to call me instead so that they can be truly appreciated for their baldness instead of derided for it! Anyway, thank you again for your web-site!


Just read your brief essay "Guns and CPR." Much said in few words. Thanks for the shared wisdom and for being involved.

-Jess J.

Thanks for your website. You have just inspired me to take an NRA instructors' course to help people (starting with my wife) to take responsibility for their own safety. God bless.

-Brad M.

I teach 8th grade English in Portage, IN. We are beginning a novel about Jews and WWII. Imagine my delight when I began reading and discovered your father was a Jew who fought in the War! He certainly had a way with words. His descriptions of his feelings are wonderful. . . I think it is important for our students to understand the role of non-European Jewish people in the War effort. They hear so much of the survivors from the concentration camps that they only associate the War with that part of Jewish history. . . Thank you - - just for placing this information where I could enjoy it. Please let me know in the future if the full text of his letters does get published. I will be waiting with checkbook in hand.

-Charmaine W.