Screaming To Be Heard

by Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.

©1995 M. Evans and Company, Inc., New York

How could I possibly call my website the "Dangerous Housewife Homepage" and not write anything about menopause? While I try to think of hot flashes as power surges, this book is the only book I have read on the topic that gives the complete picture from a medical, physiological, emotional, mental, and practical point of view. It is the most complete and accurate manifesto on the analysis of hormones and their manipulation (synthetic and cultural!) that I know of. The true genius of Dr. Vliet is that she truly listens to - - and believes - - a woman's complaints and fears, and then tailors her proscribed (and prescribed!) therapies of those pathologies on a completely individual basis. This may entail taking hormones whose dosages have not only been uniquely concocted for a particular woman in a pharmaceutical lab, but whose dosage may vary from week to week. It is easy to see why this approach would be rejected by the medical world - - it is not cost- or time-effective. But for the thousands of women who have been helped by Dr. Vliet's approach, there can be no dispute: this works.

I urge you to read this book if you feel menopause is an inevitable "disease." But be forewarned: your own doctor most probably won't invest the time necessary in analyzing the constant fluctuation of your own hormonal makeup, so any tangible benefit will be actualized only by visiting Vliet's clinics in Texas or Arizona.

-Galia Berry

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