This disclaimer was written by Janis Cortese, who was kind enough to let me steal it.

I feel, with the current excessively litigious bend to society, that I must warn the readers of these Web pages that I disavow any responsibility for any events that happen as a result of someone reading these pages and applying the information contained therein. I cannot be held responsible for any accidents that occur when someone attempts, without proper supervision, to apply the information I am giving you. I must warn you that handguns are not toys and can result in death, injury, or dismemberment when used without adequate care, education, and supervision. These pages are an inadequate primer for handgun safety, and I strongly urge you not to read them and then go straight out and try what you have read. These pages are not meant to replace the information that must be obtained through a basic handgun safety class. If you desire to register for such a class, most gun stores near you offer them and can be found through your local Yellow Pages and through the National Rifle Association. It is vitally important that you get hands-on training from a qualified person before you attempt to apply the information obtained in these pages!! Guns are killing devices, made to take life. Handguns especially are meant to take human life in the event of a grave threat to your own. You must not approach them with anything other than confidence, respect, and humility - - and proper training.

The following rules for gun safety are assumed to apply at all times:

All firearms are to be treated as if they are loaded.

Never point a firearm at anything if you are not prepared to deal with the consequences of having destroyed it utterly. Not merely shot up, but completely obliterated.

Never place your finger inside the trigger guard until you are about to shoot.

When using an autoloader, use the safeties!!!

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