Guns and CPR

by Galia Berry

©1997, All Rights Reserved

Scenario One:

You are walking along with your loved one. Suddenly, s/he collapses and falls to the ground.

There is a problem: In your state, it is ILLEGAL to administer CPR, unless it is given by a professional rescuer. Therefore, you must call your local fire department, and wait for an Emergency Medical Technician to arrive. Their response time is good. You only have to wait "a few minutes." Unfortunately, after four to six minutes, your loved one has suffered severe oxygen deprivation, and even if s/he can be revived, s/he has suffered some brain damage.

Scenario Two:

Same scenario, only this time, it is perfectly legal in your state for any responsible, law-abiding citizen to administer CPR. Only, you feel somewhat overwhelmed and fearful of the responsibility associated with CPR administration, and you don't really want to put the time into practice or CPR recertification. So, as you see your loved one collapse, you are absolutely helpless.

Now, replace "CPR" with "CCW.

Will you EVER be able to forgive yourself, knowing that you could have defended your loved ones, but didn't???

True, there are cases when you administer CPR, and the loved one, despite your best efforts, dies anyway. But at least you tried to save him/her, with the proper tools and skills, and you don't have to live the rest of your life tormented by your inaction.


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